Burning and Intolerance to Creams After Glycolic Peel, Normal?

I'm doing a homemade treatment of weekly glycolic peels (30%). The 1st 2 weeks I had no problems.The 3rd week I kept it for 12 mins (2 layers) & I started having acne breakout, but they told me it was norma.The 4th week I did 2 layers for 10 minutes..after a few days I started having a stinging/burning sensation and I can't use any cream (not even sunscreen) without having a reaction. I used clindamycin phophate once, could that be the cause? Or I have chemical burn? Should I stop the peels?

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30% glycolic acid peel is NOT for home use

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You are having problems because you are using a product that is to be applied by licensed professionals only. Protect your skin and seek the care of a professional.

New York Dermatologist

Don't self peel with glycolic 30%

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Your skin has a natural lipid barrier that gets compromised with chemical peels. You're overdoing it and you shouldn't be using 30% peels on yourself anyway.

Chemical burn? it sounds very likely. Yes, stop using the peels. You can do far more harm than good if you scar your skin by using chemicals that are meant to be used in a medical setting.

Who is "they"? You should be careful. It's possible to buy a lot of skin damage on the web. Sometimes you can't buy a fix.


Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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