SmartLipo Burn - What Should I Do?

i had smartlipo laser lipo and now believe i may have 2nd or third degree burns. Is this normal??? the problem is the area. it is all over my pubic area and i have a large scab swelling and either fragle or no hair as a resault. is this normal?

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Doesn't sound normal...

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No - that doesn't sound normal to me at all.

You need to have someone make a diagnosis of what is going on. If you selected a board certified plastic surgeon, he or she will be able to know if you have a burn, and plastic surgeons are experts at treating burns.

But there are many doctors who are not plastic surgeons who are trying their hand at plastic surgery these days. This is particularly problematic with SmartLipo, as the media hype behind the procedure has incorrectly led patients and doctors to somehow assume it is less invasive and risky than regular lipo. In fact, the opposite is the case, as it is not only invasive lipo, but it is invasive lipo with a laser.

You need to see a plastic surgeon! Be sure that your physician is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. If not, run - don't walk - to a real plastic surgeon so that you can find out what is going on and see if something needs to be done. If you do not know of a great plastic surgeon, go to and there is a physician referral service on the site.

Good Luck!

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