Can Scarred Under Eye Skin Be Cut Out?

I had a lower blepharoplasty in the past. However, I have skin under the eye that is scarred from burns. I have been told that lasers won't work on burns. Can this skin be removed and in effect pull the other skin up tighter. I have read about skin pinching and borrowing skin from the cheek. If so, to what degree? Can this be done, and if possible, can it still look natural?

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Removing scars under the eyelids

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Alexander, this can be done by a variety of ways all essentially involving borrowing skin and moving it towards the midline. You are trading one kind of scar for a hopefully better and less noticeable scar. It can also be done in stages as in tissue expansion. The key thing is to avoid downward traction on the lower lids at all costs because it does not take much to cause a real problem. Cheers!

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