What to Do with Burn Scars from Laser Treaments?

I have burn scars from laser all over my legs. What can I do? I have a dark skin color and I am very worried that these scars are permanent.

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Treatment of burn scars from lasers

Believe it or not, we treat (pigmented or brown) burn scars from laser treatments with a different type of laser. Q-switched lasers are used to remove tattoos, dark acne scars, dark stretch marks, sun spots, brown birthmarks etc.

In each of these cases, the laser targets the melanin (brown pigment) in the condition we are trying to get rid of. These lasers are safe and effective for all skin types, but you must find a practice that specializes in laser treatments as this type of treatment is specialized and needs an experienced practitioner.

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Burn scars from laser treatments

Ethnic skin can frequently develop dark-brown spots after the inflammation associated with laser treatments. I am wondering how much of your concern is actual scarring and how much of it is residual pigmentation after scarring. Much can be done for residual pigmentation including application of tretinoin cream, bleaching agents, antioxidants... I would consult with a board certified specialist in your area of the country - there are many qualified doctors in New York.

Good luck.

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