Burn Scar on my Stomach, Can It Be Removed Without Horrible Scaring?

I have a scar from a second degree (I think) burn on my stomach, I've had it for almost 3 years and it took about 10 weeks for it to heal (give or take). I have wanted to get it removed in some way since I received it, and I was also wondering how old you would recommend me to be for any treatment, as I am 17 at the moment. Any feed back would be appreciated.

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At what time should scar treatments take place?

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Being seventeen is not problematic but parental consent and involvement in the decision process is a must.  Current research has demonstrated that earlier intervention for scars tends to lead to a  more effective and predictable outcome vs. older scars.

From what you are describing, we are assuming that the burn healed uneventfully but further details surrounding the injury is necessary when having a consultation.

If your present concern is the appearance of the color (red/brown) of the scar, no downtime lasers may offer an excellent, option.

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When to perform scar revision

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There is no set answer for your question. Each case is different and needs to be evaluated. Usually we wait at least 6 months to consider scar revision but it can be considered at anytime. A surgeon would have to see and feel your scar and examine you to determine if they can improve the appearance of your scar. I recommend you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to get their opinion. Being 17 is not a major concern other than needing parental consent. If you are still "growing" sometimes it is better to wait.

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