I Have a Burn Scar on my Right Arm and Forearm, Options For Removal?

I have a burn scar on my right arm and fore-arm, including a part of the inner side of the joint, which occured when I was a baby (around 2-3 years of age). I am now 29 years; I was wondering if I could get rid of the scar all together? It really affected me in my day to day life as I really feel shameful to take-off my clothes in front of people. I even can't wear t-shirts and go swimming...

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Options regarding burn scar removal

Your photos reveals a scar but the resolution, focus and lighting make it difficult to fully appreciate. A burn scar like what you appear to have can be reduced in size but with a tradeoff which can include a long scar that will probably will widen and may become thick as well as contour irregularities. Realize that you can never have scarring totally removed.

Your best bet would be to consult with a plastic surgeon in your area who does perform scar revisions.

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Scar from Youth

Depending on the scar there may be may options for you such as scar revision surgery or laser therapy.  It is important that you see a doctor that has many therapies available.  

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