Product to Prevent Burn from Scarring?

I had some severe 2nd degree burns on my arms, hands and face from a grease fire in my kitchen. I am healing and it happened about 5 weeks ago. My plastic surgeon said that I am looking well; but he didn't really have any recommendations to help prevent or reduce the scars. He just advised me to keep my skin moisturized. I want to prevent my burn wounds from developing thick, ugly scars. Is there any product I could apply or use to do this? Thank you.

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Burn injury scar management

Strict daily sun protection after any type of skin injury (e.g. burn injury, acne, surgery)is the key to minimize post-inflammatory redness or pigmentation. Prophylactic oral antibiotics may be administered right after burn injury to minimize risk of infection and further scarring. For the first 2-3 weeks, it may be advisable to apply Biafine 3x/day until the skin heals completely. An experienced board-certified dermatologist may also prescribe Aldara cream as an off-labelled vehicle to minimize hypertrophic scar.

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