I Have 2 Burn Marks on Inner Thighs, Where Canula Was Inserted I Am Still Sick?

I am 5'2 110 lbs, extremely healthy and sports active. I had inner thigh lipo mar 12 and I am still in pain today. I wanted a little tweaking and it has been the worst journey of my life. Can;t wear pants or shorts, too painful. I had an incredible plastic surgeon whom also performed breast recon surg. 3 years ago. No prob, I was up and out in no time. Was I bunt with canula? I have horrible scar on inner thigh and the other one has not closed it hurts. Help in Dallas it has been 2 month

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Burn after liposuction

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Sorry for your post-operative course.  You seem to have a great relationship with your surgeon and that is key.  Please be seeing him/her regularly.  If you had a serious problem it seems as they would be communicating it.

Burned after Lipo, what to do?

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Sorry for your experience, i would recommend you talk to your surgeon ASAP, he sounds like a good surgeon and you have a relationship with him, unfortunately things like this can happen, even to the best, I am sure he will do everything he can to help, good luck!

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