Will the Burn Marks Disappear on my Leg After IPL Treatment?

I had IPL treatment on 16 April 11, nearly two weeks, the burn marks are getting darker, no sign of disappearance. I extremely concern these will brand on my leg Permanently. Any advice on this? Indeed appreciate your feedback.

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Only time will tell

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From the pictures of your leg it seems that you had an intense reaction to the treatment. Few possible reasons to that type of reaction. If you were exposed to sunlight, tanning beds or any treatment that increases the pigment of your skin the reaction to the IPL treatment is more intense and can cause burns. Another possibility is that the intensity ,duration or the energy  delivered during the treatment was to high for your skin type and created a severe reaction and a burn.

You need to be seen by a physician that is experienced with IPL and laser treatments. It is common to have the pigmentation get darker over 2 to 3 weeks and peel of the skin. But from your pictures it seems more like a generalized burn.

Sun protection is very important and at times steroid creams help. If it does not improve the options includes bleaching treatments and ....yes IPL treatment again with a board certified and experienced physician.

To try and easy your mind most of these complications improve significantly over a six months period but are dependent on the case.

Wish you good luck!!!

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