Burn After Laser Hair Removal ?!

Hello I had my second laser treatment on my face today side burns , chin , upper lip ! While there were no effects the first time today I left with marks on my side burns / cheeks !The burning sensation has almost completely gone away now 3h later but deep red marks are still showing on both sides ! Nothing on my chin or upper lip ! used was a Nd:YAG scanner same setting as the first time ! Are these spots burns and are they are going to go away ? Please help ! Thank you very much !!

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Redness after laser hair removal does not always mean burn

These are not necessarily burns, but may be inflammation from the laser which can be a normal side effect and nothing to worry about.  However, if blisters develop then I would favor that some burning may have taken place.  If blisters develop then I would recommend that you absolutely DO NOT pop the blisters.  Cool compresses can help.  An urticarial reaction (think peanut allergy or hives) is sometimes a reaction from laser hair removal and nothing to sorry about it.  It will go away.  I would avoid antibacterial creams or ointments because there is no infection and the odds of getting an allergy are significant. 

There may be pigment changes or scarring, but difficult to tell.  I would believe no, but see a physician if blistering takes place so you can come up with a treatment plan.

Good luck.

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