Pain After Dental Inplant?

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Is There Much Pain After Dental Implant Placement?

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In most cases, there is not a great deal of post operative pain following the placement of dental implants.  The procedure is pretty minor most of the time and the mild discomfort experienced can be addressed with moderate doses of Motrin.  With cases involving multiple teeth extractions and bone grafting at the time of implant placement the post surgical discomfort can escalate. In these cases a pain medication can be given to help until the inflammatory process subsides. Following your surgeons post operative instructions is very important to help keep post surgical pain to a minimum.  Hope this helps.  

Pain after dental implant

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Implant placement can be achieved with very minimal surgical trauma to the tissue (flapless) or, with wide opening of the flap in cases with limited bone width and necessity of bone or soft tissue grafting. Also implants placed with closed sinus lift can give some pain. Usually this pain symptoms can be reduced with NSAIDs or Amphetamin pain-killers like Tylenol. We usually premedicate the patinets 2 days before the surgery to eliminate the pain and swelling in post-operative period for better patient`s comfort.

Pain After Dental Inplant?

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Dental implants can often be placed with very little discomfort. But this is still minor surgery and a lot depends upon the location of where it's been placed and how healthy that area is to begin with.

Sometimes the surrounding bone is very healthy and the procedure can be done with minimal pain.

Other times, the specialist may need to do some grafting at the same time  and that can cause more pain.

Stay in touch with your dentist. Take the medications and/or pain killers as directed. Pain after ANY minor surgery can be normal for the first three days.

Placing a cold pack in the area can keep any swelling down. Limit your activities that raise your heart rate. Eat a softer diet. Often times ALL of these things together can keep you comfortable.

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Is There Pain After a Dental Implant?

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Good question! NO, dental implants are placed with very little trauma and therefore very little, if any, pain.

Good luck!

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