How successful are thermiva treatments?

Does Thermiva treat your outer and inner labia? Do you have to return for further treatments every so often ? What are the risks of these treatments?

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ThermiVa does address both the inner and outer labia.  It is done in a series of 3 treatments with the option for further treatments yearly if desired.  It is a procedure that is performed in the office with no downtime.  Specific concerns should be discussed prior to the treatment.

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Will thermiva help inner and outer lips? How often do I have to get it done?

With any cosmetic procedure or surgery, it must be tailored to the individual.  What is the patient's specific complaint?  What is the anatomy?   Thermiva is very safe and we notice changes to the appearance of the labia majora immediately upon completing the procedure.  There is some change to the labia minor but this in not as pronounced.  If the labia minor are elongated surgery might be the only solution. 

Typically three monthly treatments are recommended.  Some patients choose to get a repeat treatment in a year or two. 


ThermiVa has a number of applications, including shrinking of the inner and outer labia.  However, if there are significant cosmetic concerns, surgical repair may be a better option.  Its important to see a gynecologist or plastic surgery skilled in pelvic floor and genital cosmetic surgery for this type of issue, to make sure that you make the best choice.  I will say that in my experience, Thermiva is great for urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness, but I have not seen as impressive results on the outer genitalia.

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Thank you for your great questions about the ThermiVa procedure. The ThermiVa treatments do improve the general appearance of the labia majora and outer lip. There are 3 30-minute procedures done, with one month in between procedures.

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Benefits of ThermiVA

Yes, Thermiva can treat both the labia majora and the labia minora. A series of 3 treatments are performed at one month intervals. No major risks are associated with Thermiva, however, it may be contraindicated in patients with pacemakers, cochlear implants and during pregnancy. Having the procedure performed while nursing is safe. It uses radiofrequency to heat the tissues so it would be potentially possible to create a burn from the heat although you would feel pain before reaching this point. Our team is highly trained and at all times works to have the ultimate patient experience!


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Hi and thank you for your question!
Our patients have been thrilled with their thermiVa results. They have report positive improvements/changes in the inner vaginal canal, as well as the outer vaginal labia. For most patients, we are recommending a package of 3 treatments, one month apart and maintenance treatments approximately once per year. Your provider will review your medical history to determine if you are a good candidate and there are no contraindications present.

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ThermiVa has high patient satisfaction rates - #Williamsville NY

ThermiVa is clinically very successful and has garnered HIGH success ratings (>98%) from patients on the RealSelf patient community. A consultation is required to see if you are an appropriate candidate and typically 3 treatments are recommended. It is not uncommon for patients to return after the first procedure and relay that they already feel the benefits of the procedure. 

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ThermiVa is Very successful if you have reasonable expectations

While no results can be guaranteed, women are having excellent clinical responses without complications when Thermiva is done by properly trained medical staff.  Three monthly treatments are suggested to start, and more after those of you wish or if needed to reach a plateau.  You'll likely want to retreat with " touch ups" yearly.  The external lips or labia majora, clitoris and internal vaginal canal are treated and those areas are where Thermiva has beneficial effects.  The inner lips or labia minora are typically not treated.  
Hope this helps and best of luck!

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ThermiVa Success

ThermiVa has had very high success rates overall. Results at my personal practice have been close to a 97% satisfaction rate. The key is to have a thorough exam with a doctor, discuss the reasons and expectations you have from the procedure and from there evaluate if this treatment would be the most ideal for your specific situation.  ThermiVa is not going to be the right treatment for every situation, but when chosen for the right reasons satisfaction rates are extremely high.

ThermiVa Success

ThermiVa has been a very well received and satisfying procedures for my patients and myself.  For vaginal tightening with the side benefit of improvement in leakage symptoms and an increase is moisture for those women with dryness or atrophy.  The internal treatments are a series of three a month apart and there is the recommendation of single maintainence treatments on average once a year depending on symptoms.  For the Labia, ThermiVa like ThermiSmooth can tighten the skin.  If the outer labia is loose this can help with maintainence treatments about every 6-9 months.  It does not effect shrinkage of the inner labia to any significant degree.  Sometime in order to plump up a very deflated out labia, fat grafting may be recommended. 

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