Labiaplasty- partial right sided near perennial area. Healing my tear. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had partial labiaplasty done on March 25th , there were some complications and I had a revision done on April 20th. I'm 5 weeks post op and tried having sex. I tore and today I'm very sore. The tear doesn't appear deep. How should I proceed to treat this? And how will this heal?

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What does your doctor say?

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Honestly I'm skeptical of any doctor who:1. has a labiaplasty separation and2. tries to treat it with an early reoperation.Because it just won't work. The tissues are too fragile to repair anytime before 6 months.
That said, what does your doctor say about everything? THey should have a very solid wound care plan and close follow up. Otherwise, just watching and waiting will work OK, but isnt' the fastest way to heal.

Labiaplasty Partial Tear

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Thank you for posting your post operative photo with your question. It appears that you had a wedge type labiaplasty which separated, was repaired 1 month later and again separated during intercourse 5 weeks later. Fortunately, the partial labial tear is small and very posterior and should heal well on its own.  I recommend that you allow the area to heal on its own over the next 2-3 weeks. Your Board certified Plastic Surgeon will be able to reassure you and monitor the healing process. Please refrain from intercourse until the area has closed and feels less sore. After 6 months, you can reevaluate the area for a possible revision, but I believe that it will be satisfactory. Best wishes, Dr. Richard Swift

Tear after revision done at only 31/2 + weeks post-op: bound to happen!

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The usual "rule" for revisions is to wait a MINIMUM of 3/4 and often 6 months prior to revision, especially if the revision involves the incision line of the original procedure. Revisions done too early are invariably doomed to failure. I'm not surpriced you've torn...

There is absolutely no way I can guide you without knowing what/where your surgeon did in his maybe to-early revision. Also, for patients whom I have revised (after the proper time wait...), I usually advise them to wait at least 6 weeks for sex, and not until I've examined them. Your question here should really be posed to your surgeon!


Michael P Goodman, MD

Partial tear?

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Thanks for submitting your concerns. I would think having sex less than 6 week after a procedure would cause some issues like the one you're dealing with. You're right, the tear based on the photo does not look deep. So at this point. healing will be by secondary intention. It may scar to a point you are satisfied or it may be bothersome for you. I would highly recommend that if you consider a revision surgery, please see a surgeon with does corrective vaginal cosmetic surgery. 

Hope this helps!

Kurian Thott, MD
Fredericksburg OB/GYN

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