Will Retin a Micro Make my Deep Acne Scars Worse? Also Why After 3 Weeks is my Skin Not Peeling and Soooo Oily More Than Ever?

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Retin A Micro for Acne

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Retin A Micro is one type of prescription retinoid treatment for acne.  It works by regulating skin cell turnover, which keeps the pores free of excess sebum (oil) and dead skin cells - thus, preventing the attraction of acne-causing bacteria.  Additionally, Retin A Micro stimulates collagen turnover.  The result of collagen turnover is actually IMPROVEMENT of acne scars, though sometimes only a mild improvement.  It should not make your acne scars worse.  Some people have peeling and dryness when they begin using Retin A Micro, though this effect is not necessary for the medicine to work.  If your skin is oily and not too sensitive, you may be able to tolerate Retin A Micro right away.  If you feel that your skin is oilier now than it used to be, I recommend asking your dermatologist about stronger strengths of Retin A Micro or else Tazorac gel (both of which will dry your skin a bit more.)

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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