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I would like implants that support a bridge aa I don't want dentures for long. I will be paid off my credit card debt by March. I will only have my mortgage, car and monthly expenses. I don't want to go into debt for this. Is there a way to pay for each procedure separately at the time the service in order to avoid having to take out a large loan? I live in NJ & don't mind traveling to save some money. Any suggestions on where it is less expensive in USA I can still get good quality dentistry?

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The best way is to consult with the specialist who will be doing the procedure and see what can be worked out. There may be several appointments that could be paid for separately. Also, they may have a dental or healthcare financing program that would allow you to make interest free or low interest payments over a year when it comes time to do the larger procedures that cannot be broken down into different appointments. The NE and the West Coast are usually the most expensive areas in general, but even within those areas, there can be a variance in fees. It is more important that you find a good quality specialist to do the treatment for you so it is successful and doesn't have to be redone. I, had a friend who spent $8000 getting several implants and crowns done via "dental tourism". He even checked the dentist out fairly thoroughly but the result was a disaster. He is now having everything redone in the states at a higher cost,of course, but he's already $8000 in the hole. You could go online to the Academy of Prosthodontics and find specialists in other areas of the country and check fees with them. Good luck

Dental tourism-Dental implants

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Dental tourism could be ideal for your situation, as it is a very affordable choice yet very good quality treatment.

Paying for proceedure

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there are many ways of doing this, and its called dental tourism, many patients from canada and united states, travel every year, to get dental work done, the quality is the same and the prices are much more affordable,the procedures can be made separately.

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