What can be done to improve my droopy nostril and asymmetry? (photos)

I underwent a primary open rhinoplasty with graft about 5-6 weeks ago and notice what appears to be a drooping nostril on one side. My breathing is fine but it is not attractive. I have thicker skin and am worried about my results. Can I expect this issue to resolve on its own?

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Healing after rhinoplasty

At 5-6 weeks there is still considerable swelling that is present. I would express your concerns with your surgeon, but swelling can produce asymmetry that can resolve with time. Thicker skin can make swellings last longer and make it more difficult to see the changes underneath the skin also.  I would be patient over the next several months, as swelling continues to come down.  Good luck!

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6 weeks post rhinoplasty

It is too early at this stage to assess the result especially with open rhinoplasty. You should give it at least 3months before assessing the results. Thicker skin might take even longer to show the final result.RegardsDr. J

Tanveer Janjua, MD
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