Have there been cases of bone graft for congenital missing teeth?

I have 5 congenital missing teeth. I do not have space on bottom teeth for bonegraft. I am 19 yrs old and I had oral surgery for bone graft. My Dr removed an impacted wisdom tooth, some of my bone, along with bovine for bone grafting of tooth #7 &10. Teeth #8 and 9 he plated. I am on 5 days post op and feeling ear and jaw pain. My nose looks enlarged. Will I be able to smile like before since i no longer have my lip frenula? Should I be concerned of nerve damage?

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Bone grafting for congenitally missing teeth

Bone augmentation grafting is quite common for sites where teeth are missing as the bone is often thin and inadequate for dental implants. With proper bone grafting, management of the soft tissue, frenectomy if necessary, correctly positioned implants and careful restorative techniques, a functional and very aesthetic result can be achieved.

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