Areola burning pain after 6 years post Breast Lift. Normal?

Breast lift 6 years ago with under muscle implants. Have had ZERO pain from day 1 - Now 6 years later, I am having severe burning sensation to left areola area. The only real change I see is the left nipple is always soft while the right one stimulates as usual. Thoughts? Possible infection? I have also been in menopause since I was 30 due to ovarian cancer - currently 48. Not sure if the menopause would play a part in this or not. Thank you for your guidance.

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Areola pain after breast lift and implants

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Hi, there could be many reasons for a new onset of pain at one areola, so I would suggest starting with an examination by your plastic surgeon.  Although silicone gel breast implants are very durable, in some cases an implant rupture can be associated with a mild burning sensation.  Physical examination would also be very helpful in ruling out a mass at the areola.  Your surgeon may want to follow-up with a mammogram or ultrasound as well.  In general, pain is our body's way of asking us to pay attention to something, so I would recommend that you not ignore your symptoms and go in for a brief visit.  Best wishes.

Pain years after surgery

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Thanks for your inquiry.  The symptoms you relate are hard to diagnose without an exam.  I suggest you see your primary care doctor or your plastic surgeon to discuss.  

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