What type of pads should I get?

I had a breast reduction on 8/16. The PS gave me 4 pads to take home with me, but I shower daily and want to replace them each time until there is no discharge. Can you provide a brand/type I should buy or order from Amazon?

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Pads to cover

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Every surgeons different. Some recommend sanitary napkins,and some recommend others. Best to ask your doc his preference.

Post operative dressings

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It is common to have some drainage from breast reduction incisions for a few days or weeks post op. Most pharmacies have dressings, it doesn't have to be  a specific brand, just something that provides padding and is absorbent. I tell patients to get old fashioned sanitary pads, not the newer ones with deodorant or a lot of plastic, they can provide the same padding but might be less expensive.

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