What should I get done to my tooth? Should I get it filed or filled in? (photo)

I chipped my front tooth on a spoon because I chomped down. I have 2 previous chips from a fork but they were small. This one is big and it's stressing me :(

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Composite Filling Is Best Choice

In your case, it seems the small fractures mimic the mamelons that exist in all people; this is good (if there's something 'good' about have a fractured tooth).  In my opinion, placing a composite restoration, without preparation of the tooth, would be the way to go!  It will look extremely natural and will not remove any more tooth structure.  Find a good Cosmetic Dentist and go for it!  

Also, in the future, stop trying to eat the utensils : )  

All the best to you!

Should I have my chipped front tooth repaired or filed?

It is better to maintain the length of your front teeth for functional as well as aesthetic reasons.  If you decide to have it filed down, you will also have to file down your other front tooth to allow them to match. Your tooth can easily be repaired to look natural and match your other front tooth with cosmetic bonding.  This procedure can be done quickly, affordably, with no drilling and no shots.  There is no downside to repairing, and I recommend that course of treatment for you over filing down of your teeth.

Gary Braunstein, DDS
Encinitas Dentist
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I suggest having your tooth smoothed down carefully. Placing a filling will be more costly and it isn't necessary. 

Have to front tooth filed #DrSoftTouch

The chipped tooth appears to be slightly longer than the adjacent front tooth. I would recommend having the chips smoothed and the tooth reshaped. This procedure, esthetic recontouring, would be a quick and inexpensive solution. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
Saint Louis Dentist
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