Is it possible to do a breast implant removal and lift at the same time?

I had a lift and implants place and now want them removed. They turned out alot larger than I expected. I am 5'4", 150 lbs and had 400cc and 450cc silicon implants placed. My surgeon said he can do the removal but can not do the left at the same time. He said the initial pocket for the implant has to heal first. Is this true or can it be done at the same time?

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Breast implant removal and lift at the same time

One option to consider if the main problem is that the implants are too big is to consider exchanging them for smaller implants. This is done by lowering the forward profile (volume) of the implants assuming they aren't the lowest profile already. The width/height (diameter) of the implants can't be scaled down much or they will be too small for the pocket without a major revision, but sometimes the decreased forward volume alone is enough. The need for a lift is a separate issue related to where the nipple-areola sits in relation to the inframammary crease. 

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Lift after breast implant removal

It really depend on several factors  like the size of your implants, the amount of droop of your breasts and what you want as a result.If you are very droopy you can certainly do a lift after implant removal. If you are smaller you may want to wait to see where your breasts end up after the skin shrinks back some.See a board certified plastic surgeon for your best options. Good luck!

Morad Tavallali, MD
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Implant removal

You may be surprised at how good your breasts look after implant removal only.  In saying that, if you clearly have a lot of droop, then you may indeed need a lift with your removal.  I & many surgeons would be happy to do this as a combined procedure.  Seek out a second opinion if you aren't entirely happy with what has been recommended to you.  All the best 

Kim Taylor, FRACS
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Breast lift and implant removal

I do not always perform a breast lift at the same time as an implant removal because it depends upon how much breast tissue there is available to do the lift.  Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Is it possible to do a breast implant removal and lift at the same time?

 I am sorry to hear about your concerns after previous breast augmentation/lifting surgery.
 When it comes to deciding which operation you should undergo: much will depend on your physical examination ( factors such as degree of breast ptosis, current position of breast implants, number of previous operations, assessment of breast skin quality/elasticity…) and your plastic surgeons' clinical judgment.  

Longer answer: in person consultation will be necessary to provide you with precise advice. The main issue of concern is adequacy of blood flow given the extensive breast surgery planned. In my opinion, if the degree of breast lifting ( distance of movement of the nipple/areola complexes) is significant, then you may be better off having the procedure performed in 2 stages. If the degree of breast lifting is relatively small ( shorter distance of movement of the nipple/areola complexes) then it is likely that the procedure can be performed in one stage.  

In "borderline" cases where there is doubt whether breast lifting is necessary or not, I advise patients to undergo explantation only and to give their breasts the benefit of the doubt (allow for about six months to pass after breast implant removal) before deciding whether breast lifting would be beneficial. I hope this, and the attached link (dedicated to breast implant removal surgery concerns) helps. Best wishes.

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We often perform both at the same time. Consider seeking several board certified plastic surgeons in your area. 

Stuart A. Linder, MD, FACS
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Removal of implants and mastopexy are frequently done at the same time.  Staging the procedures is usually done if you the patient or surgeon is not sure they want or need a lift.   Good luck. Jane.

Jane M. Rowley, MD
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Removal and lift.

It is common to do them at the same time. Often, patients wish to simply remove first to see the result and possibly avoid the lift.

Robert H. Hunsaker, MD
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