Got a 4 on 1 implant done. Now my lips are very dry. I use chapstick & I'm constantly licking my lips. Is that normal?

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Within the normal limits

We find that patients experience this quite often after this procedure and is very short-lived with just a little extra care. Applying Vaseline works well to moisturize the lips and improve the elasticity. The procedure is lengthy and involves a bit of tugging for proper access. Be assured that healing is quick and your lips will feel better within a few days. 

Dry lips All on 4

Immediately after the procedure there is noticeable swelling, cracking, and redness of the lips, due to the healing response, as well as the stretching from the procedure itself. Constant moisture needs to be applied, TRY Aquaphor line of products, works better than chapstick. Vaseline also works great!!! (And is cheaper).

If there is a chonic problem, could be the result of the positioning of the bride (TOO LONG, TOO FAR FORWARD), which limits you closing your lips. 

Ask your dentist about your specific dental condition prior to proceeding.


Ace Jovanovski, DMD
Round Rock Prosthodontist

All-on-4 Dental Implants

Thank you for your question regarding dry lips post All-on-4 dental implants. If you've never had dry lips before and this is an issue, you may be having some problems with where the teeth have been positioned. Possibly, your teeth need to be re positioned so that your lips can come together a little better and that allows keeping your lips moist. When you are at rest, your lips should come together.

William P. Lamas, DMD, MS
Miami Dentist
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