Is This Normal Scarring for Breast Lift?

I had a breast lift with anchor scar back in November 2012, about 7 months ago. I have noticed the scars to be healing well, but that the scar under my breast towards the inside is significantly darker slightly less smooth than other areas. I used silicone gel sheets for approximately 2 months which helped to keep the scars flat, but I am wondering if is normal for that area to heal slower? The scar under my breasts on the outer sides have healed much faster and are not as noticeable.

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Possible need for scar revision

Hard to comment without photographs.  The scar can tend to heal differently along its course due to tension.  If a part of your scar did not heal as expected a scar revision may be indicated.  

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Is This Normal Scarring for Breast Lift?

Photos would help.

There are products for dark, hyperpigmented scars (hydroquinone), and different treatments for thick, hypertrophic scars (kenalog injections, scar creams, laser). 

A visit to your surgeon can help choose the appropriate treatment. 

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Is This Normal Scarring for Breast Lift?

      Scars tend to improve over a year's time.  Waiting for the scars to mature is usually the correct answer.  Conservative scar managing agents can be used in the interim period.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Scarring after a breast lift

Scar healing will differ in different people and on different areas of the body. There are many things that are suggested to be used for scar improvement, but you should see and ask your surgeon.

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Hyperpigmentation after breast lift

See your doctor; perhaps you can benefit from laser treatments on your scars.  This has become a mainstay in our practice.

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Hyperpigmentation occasionally accompanies maturation of the scar.

In darker complected individuals hyperpigmentation along the incision accompanies when remodeling. Usually it goes away with time but sometimes bleaching agents are indicated.

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