I have malar bags (festoons). Could Titan help?

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Titan eyes


I bought my TITAN 10 years ago, and while at first I was very excited with this technology, I must be honest to stay that I haven't used  this technology  in over 5 years.

I find the procedure painful and not as effective as some other modalities  such as RF and Erbium Yag technologies for skin tightening in general. 

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Treating Festoons with Laser Devices

This is a good question that we have received often and have experience in treating. 

For those that do not know what festoons are, they are often mistaken for "puffy eyes" or sever bags under the lower eyelids.  The skin is swollen , creating a mound on the upper cheek ( malar area). These can be a dramatic aesthetic problem for some and in the worst cases, lead to peripheral vision loss .

Time and exposure to sun, aging, genetics and smoking are some reasons individuals get festoons. The subtle changes to the skin damage the elastin fibers and create a gap of skin layers, leading to different amounts of swelling or puffiness on different days or even seasons.

Occasionally, a lower blepharoplasty is indicated but the skin may be redundant if the swelling was moderate to severe. In these cases, laser skin resurfacing ( Erbium lasers or CO2 lasers) have proven to be the best  treatment. When a less aggressive treatment is desired, then other skin tightening devices such as the Protégé ( radio frequency) or TITAN ( infrared) work effectively to tighten the periorbital area and reduce the appearance of the under eye bags.

  Radio Frequency  (such as Protege) and InfraRed devices ( such as TITAN) have been effective in reducing the appearance of under eye p

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