Brushing sensation in my right breast, is this normal!

My right breast is moving up to my collar bone when sitting or laying down. I feel a brushing sensation also on my right breast.

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Brushing Sensation

You didn't note the length of time which has passed since your procedure. While healing, strange sensations such as vibrations or tingling can be related to nerves. This is not cause for concern and typically resolves on it's own within the first few months. If you have ongoing concerns I recommend that you contact your Plastic Surgeon for personalized advice.
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Moving implant

If you are early from surgery, try to keep your implant sitting lower, and restrict it from moving upward. It is not unusual to have some changes in sensation early after surgery. If it has been several weeks or months since your surgery, please talk to your surgeon about your right implant.

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Brushing sensation

Hello and thank you for your question. 
A few photos to help examine the issues goes a long way.I am unsure what the brushing sensation you describe could be so I suggest meeting with your plastic surgeon to diagnose that symptom accurately. You do not mention how far along post operation you are. Your right breast moving so high up could be a symptom of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is not detrimental to your health but it does need to be fixed by your plastic surgeon or else it can worsen and eventually you will lose your implant. In conclusion both of these symptoms should be looked at by your plastic surgeon ASAP since we do not know how long it has been since you last saw him/her. 
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