Old crowns and bridges smell bad. How can I replace them?

How can you replace 15 year old caps and bridges? One front crown leaks and stinks terribly, and it feels like one lower bridge is loosening. My old dentist (now retired) said they have to be "cut off" and replaced. The last one that fell off, I ended losing the tooth, only option was implant, which I can't afford, so I ended up with a partial. Do i give up and just get dentures?

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Smell coming from old crowns and bridges #DrSoftTouch

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Don't give up! Schedule a visit with your dentist for a complete evaluation. Through x-rays and a comprehensive examination, your dentist will determine whether or not your old crowns and bridges need to be replaced.  I hope this helps! Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.

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