Both vaginoplasty and prolapse repair.

Is it possible to do at the same time? And how do I find a surgeon that will do both?

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Prolapse repair

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Hello, of course that the two procedures together in this corrected prolapse and vaginal beautification vaginoplasty is done they are done. Those who perform the procedure are the aesthetic gynecologists like me, I am at your service to help can contact me if you choose will gladly help.

Miriam Luciano
Dominican Republic OB / GYN

Dominican Republic OB-GYN

Can vaginoplasty and pelvic organ prolapse repair be done at same time?

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Vaginal laxity is usually accompanied by other pelvic organ prolapses so yes, these surgeries should be done together when possible.  I would see a Urogynecologist or specialist in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FMPRS) who also does cosmetic gynecology (for Vaginoplasty).  Many plastic surgeons who specialize in cosmetic gynecology are excellent at labiaplasties (changing the outside appearance) but are usually not adept at correcting anatomic deformity from pregnancy/birth injuries.

Vaginoplasty and prolapse repairs are commonly done together in my practice

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Expertise in pelvic reconstructive surgery and vaginoplasty is most commonly found among gynecologists and urogynecologists with training in both procedures, but this is not a commonly found combo. If you can't find this combo in your area, hop on a plane. I have patients fly in on a regular basis for this combination, stay for a few days in the NYC area, then fly home with the confidence that only an expert can deliver.

Prolapse & Vaginal Tightening

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Thank you for your question. My first recommendation is to get an evaluation by cosmetic gynecologist who deals with not only vaginal tightening procedures  but addressing pelvic floor dysfunction and prolapse. These are very easily  and safely done together.
we perform this type of combination type surgery on a regular basis with excellent outcomes.

Best of luck

Urogynecology & Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

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Dear Annabelle 111:

It is very possible to do them at the same time as this constitutes 30% of my practice.  Most women who have a lack of friction with intercourse have vaginal prolapse, the important question is :  How bad is your prolapse and what does it encompass.  Does it include prolapse of the uterus, bladder, urethra, rectum?  The more prolapse you have the more important it is to find a surgeon who is well trained in the area of reconstructive vaginal surgery.   The problem is most board certified female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgeons (FPMRS) aka urogynecologists is they don't understand nor have the experience of vaginal tightening i.e. vaginoplasty.

On the other hand plastic and cosmetic surgeons have NOT been trained in reconstructive vaginal surgery so you questions is actually very important.  You need to find a surgeon who is well trained in both disciplines.  You are most likely going to need a gynecologist or urogynecologist who specializes in cosmetic vaginal surgery.  

Once you vet the surgeons of your choice you should get more than one opinion before you just jump into surgery.  Choose a surgeon with experience, expertise and proven results.  No surgeon can guarantee a 100% surgical success rate but just like any other profession some have more experience and better results than other surgeons.  They should be able to prove to you their track record and their experience and not just "well i do these all the time".  Do not choose a surgeon based upon your location their are far too many patients on this website who regret the surgeon they have chosen.  Choose a surgeon will explain to you each of your diagnosis and is willing to explain to you  your options.  Surgery  and choosing a surgeon is one of the most important decision in your life please choose wisely.

John R Miklos MD
Urogynecology & Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery
Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

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