Bumpy Tip 4 Months After Rhinoplasty

I know there are a few discussions about upturned tips after rhinoplasty, but it's been 4 months since my surgery and I feel as though the tip is unnaturally bulbous and bumpy. I don't know how much it will go down. The bone at the tip feels indented and like its protruding right up against my skin. Where I once had a large hump on my nose it is straighter and now there is a hump on my tip I am 6 hours away from my surgeon for the next four months. I'm getting quite depressed over it.

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Rhinoplasty and tip

The tup itself is cartilage and not bone. The swelling can take up to a year to settle down.  But, if you have concerns, I would definitely make a follow-up with your doctor.

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Bumpy Tip

You describe an irregular tip 4 months after rhinoplasty which may resolve with time. The tip is cartilage, not bone. The fact that it feels like bone would suggest normal swelling is still present.   It is best to wait another 6-8 months before deciding if a revision will be  be necessary; be patient and see your physician in 4 months when you're not 6 hours apart.

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