Wave-like Contours After Smart Lipo on Abdomen

I had smart lipo 7 weeks ago. The top part right under my bra is flat. However, my stomach is like a wave going up and down from top to bottom, with a hard bump in center. The other side is still all large at the bottom. That side looks like I'm three months pregnant at the bottom. Strange. Is this normal still at this time?

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Contour irregularities after Smart Lipo

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Hi there-

Unfortunately, your story is very common, and is the reason many Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are not sure SmartLipo is so smart... unless used for small areas...

After this much time, it is unlikely that you are going to continue to see improvement. I would visit your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an evaluation and recommendation.

If your procedure was not done by a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, I would find one that is- only such a surgeon will be able to offer you all of the possible options for correcting this problem and achieving the outcome you desired in the first place.

Wave-like contours after Smart Lipo on abdomen

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Photos would help. But from your description I feel you need a revision after 3 months of healing. Go get opinions. If possible post photos.

Regards Dr. B 

It is difficult to say, but it probably is too soon to tell

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SmartLipo is a procedure that can lead to many weeks of recovery.  For example, you could be having some fluid collections that are completely normal.  On the other hand, it may be that you have problems.  Time will tell, but keep on top of it and you should find out shortly or at your next visit.  Good luck!

Liposuction irregularities

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There are many issues that can be realized after liposuction, many of which are temporary. The only good information you can gain from experts is by an in-person examination.  You should be asking your surgeon his or her opinion about your condition and if is normal.  If you are not secure with the answers given then you should see another liposuction surgeon in consultation to get a thorough examination and evaluation.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Smart lipo irregularities

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It is difficult to say what this could be for sure, but it may be contour irregularities brought on by the procedure. This also may be differential swelling that can get better on its own over time.

Can not tell without pictures

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please attach pictures and if you have before suction picture,will help. You may have extra skin in lower abdomen and laser lipo can not replace tummy tuck ,if you had too much skin before laser lipo.

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