Are bumps under the eyelid normal? I'm 2 weeks post op (Photo)

I am 2 weeks today after having double eyelid surgery. But I am still having trouble opening my eyes although I see a lot of the swelling is gone in my right eye. (Left eye healing slower). My right eye has a hard area in the corner of the incision which doesn't look like the scar or swelling. Seems to be coming from under the lid. Can anyone tell me what this is??

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Bumps under the eyelid at 2 weeks postop

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  I think you are still early in the postop course.  Most bumps after eyelid surgery occur along the suture line and are due to "suture cysts."  A cyst forms where the needle, attached to the suture was passed.  These almost always resolve with time.  I suggest you check with your operating surgeon.

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Consider silicone gel after review by your surgeon

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At 2 weeks the scar is still healing so be patient. The right eyelid appears a bit more inflammed & you may be having an inflammatory response to the stitches.
Please check with your surgeon, as sometimes the judicious use of a steroid ointment or silicone gel topically can modulate the healing response favourably.

Sabrina Shah-Desai, MS, FRCS
London Oculoplastic Surgeon

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