Bumps Still Left After Upper Lip Vermilion Advancement?

Almost 4 months ago, I had an uppper lip advancement (shortening). I've sent in photos before, and there certainly is improvement from those photos; however, I still have many bumps along the pink portion of the lip. I went to see another PS for his advise. He gave me steroid injections and told me to massage the bumps. It's been more than 2 weeks, and those bumps are still there. Does any doctor have some advise for me to get rid of these unsightly bumps. Thank you, Valborg

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Bumps after Vermilion Advancement

Lip lumps after this surgery is very common. You need strong cortisone injection monthly until resolution. Massage often does not work, but pressure may work.

Usual lumps are seen at 4 weeks not 4 months.


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