Bumps and Skin Thickening Caused by Rosacea

The skin on my forehead just above my eyebrows are thickening and I have bumps on my checks all due to rosacea. I'm so sick of all this. It changes my appearance. The skincare product I've been using helps reduce the redness. But how can I get rid of the bumps and thickening skin? Please help.

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Rosacea bumps

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Usually the papules, or bumps, of rosacea are treated by oral therapy, such as the tetracyclines, but topical antibiotic prescription creams and gels work well for some people. Lasers usually don't work well for the bumps, just the red flat vessels. See a dermatologist for a thorough evaluation if you are not already seeing one.

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Talk to your dermatologist

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You are describing a more severe form of rosacea that can cause tiny granulomas in your skin, changing the texture. The best approach to treat this, in my opinion, is oral medications, and light therapies such as Isolaz and other intense pulsed light devices. Pulsed dye lasers may also be beneficial. Good luck.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
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