Bumps on 1 Side of Tip - 4 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

Just had a revision last month to remove excess scar tissue on left side tip. Nose looked perfect 1 week post when I took the cast off. 2 weeks post these bumps occurred and now I feel disfigured. Can someone please help me figure what these could be / result of / are they going to go away / anything I can do to get rid of them/ put on them? I dealt with the first issue + blueing of nose for so long and now it seems like I will never look normal again. Greatly appreciate any light shed here.

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Your scarred nose may be improved... by working from the outside!

You have a serious scarred skin on your nose. You need to wait for at least 6 months before starting to work on the external skin, using one or more of the following: CO2 laser, steroid injection, scar shaving, etc. This is a special case that needs lots of experience from the surgeon and lots of patience from you.

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