Do the Bumps and Ridges on Invisalign Go Away After Geting So Many Trays?

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When Will the Bumps and Ridges on My Invisalign Go Away?

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Invisalign aligners move teeth by applying force via the plastic shells over the teeth. There are some tooth movements that require some additional "surfaces" be temporarily added to your teeth so that the plastic has something to push against. Examples of these movements include turing or tipping a tooth or making teeth longer. These bumps or "attachments" are added to your teeth when necessary and can be removed after they are no longer needed. Most attachments may be placed at the beginning of treatment and stay on the entire time. Others may be removed mid treatment while others may appear half way through treatment. Your orthodontist prescribes these attachments at the beginning of treatment and can indicate when they appear and disappear. These attachments are critical to the success of your treatment and you should let your orthodontist know if you think one has come loose. Luckily they are almost invisible to your friends. Good luck with your treatment!

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