Bumps Post-Mixto SX CO2 Laser Treatment

I am still bright red, but the flaking has already started (day 4). First, my upper lip cleared but now I suddenly have developed two bumps. These are quite visible. Will these go away? Many thanks!

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Bumps days after laser resurfacing

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Fractional laser resurfacing using Mixto, Total Fx, or Fraxel Repair can result in milia formation, where there is clogging of pores due to accumulation of dead skin cells. This is not unexpected and can be extracted later with minimal risk of scarring by an experienced board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

If skin irritation occurs after MiXto SX Micro Fraction CO2 Laser treatment

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The bumps should be brought to the attention to your physician. Without seeing it or performing an examination, asking this question in any discussion forum is not likely to be helpful.

Bumps Post Laser Resurfacing Need A Physician's Examination

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Any laser skin resurfacing can occasionally cause transient bumps or irregularities to the skin. That said, very rarely, these bumps can be related to a cold sore or infection. If these bumps are from a cold sore your cosmetic surgeon must evaluate you as soon as possible to avoid any untoward side effects.

Try to be as patient as you can...

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Hi- small bumps forming in the period after a Mixto procedure are common, and may be caused by some of the flaking skin clogging your pores, or the ointment you are using to help with your recovery.

In either case, as you heal and the flaking skin is gone, and as you transition to skin care that is less likely to clog your pores, these will clear. If they are worsening, or if the bumps are associated with significant and worsening pain, it's best to call your doctor as they may actually be indicative of a problem, but this is unlikely.

Congratulations on your new skin!

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