Bumps and Nerve Damage After Smart Lipo

I had smartlipo performed a month ago on my upper/lower abs and love handles. Now I have small to medium sized lumps on my lower abs and although, I am more flexible, I seem to have nerve damage as I get this pin and needle sensation on the sides. I'm also still numb in the waist. Is this Normal?

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Nerve tingling

Swelling, and some lumpiness/ uneveness is normal but the fluctuation should lessen over 6-9 months. You should be noticing less swelling over time not more. You can also have some numbness intially and that too will generally resolve over 6-9 month but could take up to a year. Follow up with your plastic surgeon to make sure you are on course.

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Bumps and nerve damage after Smart Lipo

First please be sure you had Smart Lipo. Than your issues occur and are self limiting, massage helps improves these quickly. Please forward the doctor, which Smart Lipo model in watts used so I can determine a better answer.


Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Smart liposuction

many patients have patchy numbness and tingling occasionally after liposuction, often noted only in focal areas. This usually is temporary but could be permanent. Whether smart liposuction increases this side effect has not been studied extensively.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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