No Bumps in the Bridge, but No Natural Curve to my Nose, so It Seems to Jut out Perfectly Straight.16 Yrs Old, What Can I Do?

Im 16 years old and i believe i have a large nose. It doesnt contain any natural curves tough i also wouldnt go as far as saying that it has any unusual bumps along the bridge. Is there any way to introduce a curve to the nose (aside from rhinoplasty)?? Or is rhinoplasty the best option. Also is there any other chance that the face will grow in a way that will 'fit in' (for lack of the use of a better word) better with the nose?

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Large Nose on 16 Year Old Patient

Assuming you are a physically mature 16 year old female with parental support a rhinoplasty is the best option to change the appearance of your nose. It would be helpful if you sent pictures so we can be more specific with our recommendations.

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Considering rhinoplasty

You are a bit on the young side of the spectrum to be considering cosmetic rhinoplasty.  Rhinoplasty is the best way to achieve the curve or "scoop" that you are referring to, but you are still young.  GIve yourself some time to grow into your nose and see how you feel about a straight profile in a few years.  As you very well know, you are still growing and developing so as you mentioned you may find that your nose does come to match your face better with time.  

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