What Are the Bumps on the Bridge of my Nose?

I had primary open rhinoplasty two months ago. Three days after the surgery, my nose was bumped. It didn't bleed but I was still scared. I was in pain that night, but I figured the pain was from the surgery itself and not the trauma. As of now, I have a bump where the osteomity was performed. I can feel the outline of the bone on the right side but not on the left side. Also, the nasal bone itself is flatter on the right side of my nose than the left. Could my right nasal bone have collapsed?

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Nose Bridge Bumps

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You may have shifted the bones with that bump by what you are describing.  IMHO, you should tell the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Rhinoplasty ASAP.  Typically, there's nothing that can be done at this time but he/she does need to know and the inside, of your nose needs to be examined to rule out a septal hematoma or mucosal tear.  I'd want my Rhinoplasty patient to tell me.

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