About 3 wks after an osteotomy, I have a bumps on the Bridge. Is this normal?

About 3 wks after an osteotomy, as swelling subsided, I noticed two convex asymmetrical bumps are on either side (no bumps pre-op). They are slightly different in size and hard to touch. I am 6 wks post op now and they appear the same size. What could they be and what is the prognosis? Thanks.

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Bumps on Nasal Bridge after Osteotomy

Hard bumps secondary to osteotomies done as part of rhinoplasty surgery are possible. Depending on the severity of these irregularities, they may resolve over the next 6 months but a revision may be necessary. I assume you have discussed this with your surgeon.

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Bridge bumps after rhinoplasty.

It is very soon to say what is swelling vs. something that will require revision. Wait at least 6 months and if they are not resolving your surgeon can give you your options. So nothing now.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Bony irregularities after a rhinoplasty

Bony irregularities after a rhinoplasty are not uncommon.  If they do not resolve whent he swelling subsides, you may want a revision if it is noticeable.

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Irregular Bridge after Nose Surgery with In-Fracturing

Sorry to hear of your condition. Based on your description I would guess that the opposing walls of the roof of the nose either separated due to an incomplete osteotomy or were not rasped and smoothed prior to closure. Your surgeon can feel the area and tell you the exact cause. Once the area is healed, you may need a sort procedure to either smooth these irregularities OR to cover them up with something like Alloderm and camouflage them. Ask your surgeon.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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