Bumps Appeared All over my Face After my First Laser Collagen Stimulation Procedure?

I was told they had never seen this before and asked to wait two weeks to see if it was an allergic reaction before deciding to discontinue the process. How rare is this reaction? Should I go forward or stop?

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Bumps After Laser Treatment

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Thank you for your question. I would try the procedure on a small area of the face, also known as a test spot, add no creams after the treatment. This will help you to know if it was the cream you were using, or a part of the treatment. We see many more problems with the creams used versus the treatment itself. I hope this helps.

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Bumps after laser procedure

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There are thousands of lasers on the market and many propose to help with "collagen stimulation". What type of laser was used on you? Did you have any sort of topical numbing cream or other cream applied before the procedure was done? My assumption is yes, and you were likely allergic to something in the numbing cream and are having a bit of an allergic reaction to that.

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