Bumped Nose Post Revision Rhinoplasty, Could I have Done Damage?

Last night I held my 4 month year old nephew for the first time since my surgery (11 weeks ago) and he accidently threw back his head and hit my nose pretty hard with it! It hurt all night last night and kind of swelled up a little, so now I'm so worried that it caused damage. He hit the lower portion of my nose, which is pretty hard still, so could he have caused harm to my new nose? My surgeon is too far for me to visit and I'm so worried right now! It still looks straight but very swollen!

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Can post op trauma to nose create a deformity

It is possible that this type of trauma post op, could create a deformity.  It is likely that it would create some swelling.  The fact that it looks straight, is a good sign.  Just make sure you inform your surgeon and follow up with him as per your scheduled appointment.  If you notice any deformity,  Then contact your surgeon immediately.

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Nasal Trauma 11 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty

It's amazing how strong the little people are. A severe blow  can break any nose, post-op or not. Hopefully nothing moved, but your surgeon will determine this as the swelling decreases over the next few days.. It is a good thing that you do not observe any deviation. You should be examined to make sure there was no bleeding in your septum.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Bump to nose

It is very possible that a hit to the nose can cause damage. The best way to figure this out is to go for an exam with your surgeon.

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Hard bumps can damage a rhinoplasty

Hard bumps to the nose can cause fractures and shifts of the nasal bone. However, after 11 weeks the force would have to be considerable. The nose will swell more readily until it is fully healed at twelve months. For right now, ice and rest, and wait to see how things look as the swelling goes down.

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Post Revision Rhinoplasty Trauma

With that kind of trauma, it is possible that the nasal bones could have shifted if they had been broken and reset during your surgery.  Please contact your surgeon and discuss with him/her.

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Bumped Nose Post Revision Rhinoplasty, Could I have Done Damage?

  Ouch.  That type of impact would most likely have moved broken nasal bones after Rhinoplasty if it happened within the first month postop.  At 11 weeks, the impact would need to be sufficient to break the healed nasal bones.  See your Rhinoplasty Surgeon for an exam and evaluation of your nose.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Could a hard bump to the nose damage a nose operation?

Your question cannot be answered without an examination. At close to a month after surgery, the nose should be healed but it is not impervious to a well focused blow to the nose. The sudden swelling suggests there may ave been some bleeding. If you cannot see your plastic surgeon, you may want to have a Local ER or good ENT look inside the nose to make sure there is no bleeding along the septum. Such bleeding may need to be drawn off to prevent damage to the nose carriage. Otherwise , plan to see your surgeon in the next 10 days to check you and reassure you. 

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