Bumped nose 4 months after rhinoplasty, now seeing changes 9 months post op.

Four months after my rhinoplasty I hit my sunglasses into my nose and it hurt and tingled a little but I'm not sure if it was actual pain or just more in my head because of the anxiety from being scared of damaging something. I saw online that it would take a significant blow and since it looked fine after I figured I was just being overly worried. It was fine for a while after the incident, now 9 months post op it doesn't look/feel as flat. Is it possible for it to show up after this much time?

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Can a bump on a nose show up months later?

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Sometimes an unwanted blow to a newly healing nose  can not only be uncomfortable but can produce unwanted changes. Usually blows that are mild  (accidently hitting glasses, for example) cause no long  term damage. But those that are sharper or more forceful (sports injury for example) can create trauma to the underlying vessels, bone, and/or cartilage and the nose responds by trying to heal itself. This might produce some scar tissue or even a "callous" of new bone over time. Sometimes this can be reduced with droplets of cortisone injection. Other times with more severe trauma, an additional procedure may be necessary to correct. 

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