Bumped into a Door After Rhinoplasty?

Hey, It's almost 3 months since I had my surgery and last night I bumped accidently into a door. I waited for a reaction that might show that I need 2 visit a doctor but the left side of my nose didn't even get red..and it didn't get swollen,However there is a small amount of pain if I touch certain areas. So do I have 2 go to a doctor since my surgeon is in another country?

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Bumping nose after nose surgery

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Dear Bushra,

  • If you did not bleed and the nose looks exactly the same as it did before, then you should be fine
  • You probably just bruised it and that is why it is tender
  • If you have any concerns though, you should visit a plastic surgeon or ear, nose and throat doctor in your area
  • I cannot be 100% sure unless you had a physical examination

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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