Bump/Wrinkle from Tear Trough Fat Transfer Stitch, Will it Likely Go Away?

I had a tear trough fat transfer done two months ago and the doctor put one stitch under each eye for a few days where he injected me. I still have a big wrinkle/bump and some redness where the stitches were and it looks really bad. He says it will go away, but he said that a month ago and it hasn't. Will it??

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Waiting does not hurt

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If there is a small scar where the suture is, then the longer you wait, the better it will look. Scar mature and flatten for up to a year after surgery.

I would wait till your 3 month post op check and bring it up again with your doctor.

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Fat transfer in tear trough

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I do not typically use any suture in this area when I perform a fat transfer. I am not sure where he placed the sutures under the eyes?? Eyelid skin heals very quickly and in upper eyelid surgery I typically remove the sutures on the fifth day so that no incision line is visible. If you continue with a concurring problem perhaps a second opinion will put your mind at ease. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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