Bump on Upper Side of my Nose - What is It / What Can I Do About It? (photo)

I noticed this bump appear afte rhinoplasty surgery. It seems to increase in size every so often but is most visible on photos. It also feels hard like bone but when you feel both sides of the nose it’s hard to tell the difference. I asked my surgeon about it and he just says it's “shadowing” and advises against doing anything with it as it would be a "risk" and could end up creating a big imbalance on either side of my nose. Can anyone tell me what it is and if it would be simple to fix it?

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Hard bump after rhinoplasty?

I have seen this before. It would be beneficial to know how long after rhinoplasty you are.  If it has been longer than 6 months, then this could be callus formation or fibrous scar formation where the bones were brought in. The bridge or gap between the cheek bone and the moved nasal bones can create long term callus or scar changes. If this bump does not go away, a revision may be necessary. Also, it would help to know if it looks better some days and not on others. As long as it has reached a period where it has not changed anymore in its firmness or size, then it is time to do something about it.

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Bump on Upper Side of my Nose - What is It / What Can I Do About It?

Facial X rays and possible facial cat scan are indicated to diagnose this issue. Thoughts are excess bony growth to osteoma. Seek in person evaluation from a boarded PS in your city, Yes surgery can alleviate our improve this issue. 

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