Bump on Tip & Dent After Cartilage Graft for Droopy Nose, What To Do? (photo)

I'm almost 2 weeks PO. I had surgery abroad for droopy tip & tip refinement. I was informed that ear cartilage would be used as my tip had no cartilage, also said the nostrils could not be changed & I had asymmetry in nostrils. This graft was inserted by an incision in my mouth, I've take 2 weeks antibiotics to prevent infection. There's a significant dent on the right side of my nose, it's also bulbous does not look refined as there's a bump on the tip of the nose. I am extremely concerned

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Bump on Tip & Dent After Cartilage Graft for Droopy Nose, What To Do?

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Dear Sunshine,

It would be helpful to see your pre-operative photos.  I definitely see the 'dent' in your nose.  It doesn't seem needful to take a graft from you ear and put it in through your mouth.  The dent can be removed with good technique in rhinoplasty and taking a small amount of nasal septum if need, especially if you have not had nasal surgery before.  I would suggest finding a board certified, experienced plastic surgeon locally that can help you with any revision that may be needed.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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Bump on Tip & Dent After Cartilage Graft for Droopy Nose, What To Do?

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ONLY 2 weeks you need to allow at least 3 months healing!!! But where can you go for additional repair? In US we would charge a very high fee to correct. HUMM out of country surgery has sooooo many risks. 

You will need to wait for swelling to go away before considering rhinoplasty revision

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Hello Sunshine,

Thank you for the question and the photos.  You may in fact choose to have a revision rhinoplasty to address the issues you have discussed.  To do so you will need to wait until the swelling has gone down and healing has been completed to determine the final result.  In the meantime have your plastic surgeon print out your before and after photos for comparison and discussion about what changes have occurred and what you will be evaluating as the healing continues.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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2 wk post-op Rhinoplasty

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Dear Sunshine000: Thank you for your question. Pre-operative photographs would be useful. It has only been two-weeks. You are early in the healing phase. Try to be patient and address any questions to your surgeon. It is not uncommon to see this degree of tip edema after the approach you described. Give it a little time to let the tip swelling go down. Hope this helps

Two weeks too early to evaluate tip after rhinoplasty.

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There is swelling in the tip that obscures any visible changes in the two cartilages. You will need to wait until the swelling has subsided.

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