A Bump on the Side of my Nose After 2 Months of Rhinoplasty, Will It Go Away?

Hello! I had rhinoplasty done two months ago and just recently noticed a bump on the side of my nose... I had a bump removed form the bridge of my nose and the same side but a bit lower part where I see a bump now..:( i was very satisfied with the result until now. I am still using the tape day and night ... Thanks,

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Bump apppeared two months after rhinoplasty

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Imperfections or bumps can appear after the swelling goes down. If they can be felt but do not show they are best left alone, however is you can see the bump the taping is not going to help and revision might be needed.

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Bump on nose

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Sometimes as the bones ossify and heal, bone is layed down and the surgeon can not control it. If you have a slight bump, it can be rasped down most likely.

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