Bump on Side of my Nose, Can It Be Fixed?

I broke my nose a few days ago I am to have surgery in a couple of days their is a bump on the side of my nose also close to the bridge of it will the doctor fix that when he does surgery for the nasal fracture.

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Bump on nose

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If you are planning to have surgery, then I would recommend that you show the surgeon prior to the surgery where this bump is.  It is likely that he or she will fix this bump but just make sure that he sees the one that is bothering you to make sure it is NOT something else that is not related to your fracture.

Good luck

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Bump on side of nose

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   The bump should be corrected at the time of the repositioning. However if it does not relate to your trauma you must take this up with the surgeon and agree upon the expected plan and result. Some patients have pre-existing problems that may not be fixed when the nose bones are reset

Bump on nose after trauma

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More than likely this bump is the fracture or an early healing reaction around the bone.  If it does not go away with the closed reduction then it will probably get better over the next 6 months.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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