What if Bump is Removed?

i have a bump on my nose i want to remove it but when you perform osteotomie to close the open roof deformity the middle and the tip will look wider i think, so you need to narrow the tip to give a good balance but i dont like this because it gives you more femininez nose i am male and my nose width is good i dont want to narrow it.If small bump is removed and osteotomie performed does your middle and your tip of nose look wider? is it possible to perform osteotomie without changing the width?

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Rhinoplasty for hump removal and osteotomies

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 Once the hump is removed during the rhinoplasty procedue, osteotomies are usually required to narrow the nasal bones. Most of the narrowing occurs at the naso-facial junction but it is important  to close an open roof deformity at the same time. There is a narrowing effect on the nasal bones  when osteotomies are performed Please see the link below for examples of  osteotomies performed in our rhinoplasty  photo  gallery

Complicated questions about rhinoplasty can be aided by video imaging.

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There are many maneuvers that are used to change the appearance of the nose. Your description is confusing but I think if you sat down with your surgeon, video imaging will help educate both of you to what your expectations are.

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