Is This Bump a Pimple or Something from the Accident? (photo)

I ran my nose into the back of my brothers head and recently I got a bump on my nose. It feels like a bruise and it's sore but it also looks like a pimple.

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Bump on nose

It looks like a skin issue and not related to the accident. So yes, a pimple or cyst or something of that sort. When you have trauma to the nose you get diffuse swelling, maybe bruising and generalized discomfort. If it does not go away in a couple of weeks I would go see a plastic surgeon.

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Bump on nose

I agree that the spot looks a little bit like a pimple. A bruise would not look like a raised nodule, and you would probably also note more purple discoloration if it were a bruise.

If it doesn't go away in the same time frame you would expect a pimple to disappear, you should probably have your doctor examine it. 

Ashley B. Robey, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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